Puppy Care


When grooming your Cavalier they have a elegant silky coat. They don't require a great amount of care. Rather, they need to be brushed and combed out once a week so that mats do not form in their hair. A simple pin/nylon brush or metal comb Will work.

Ear care

Do remember that the ears need to be cleaned inside so that they do not cause them any discomfort, resulting in scratching and mat formation behind the ears.


When bathing my cavaliers I use a mild oatmeal-based shampoo. I bathe my Cavaliers every couple of weeks or so, or even once monthly, Will be fine.

Toenail trimming

You need to keep your Cavaliers toenails trimmed. You can do this yourself or have your groomer or Vet do it for you. If you start trimming their toenails when they are puppies it is a lot less stressful for them when they get older.

Dental care

To prevent serious dental disease, it is recommended to brush your pets teeth at home at least 2 to 3 times per week and take your pet for a professional dental cleaning once a year.

Flea tick and Deworming

My Veterinarian recommends using advantage multi. This is used for prevention of heart worms and intestinal worms, also for fleas. This is a topical solution that goes on the back of your dog each month. Check with your Veterinarian to see if this is right for your dog in your area.